In October of 2020, my best friend, Julia, asked me to be her MAID OF HONOR! We had both been waiting for this day for YEARS, and finally, it happened! 😀 Even though our world is undergoing a current pandemic, I still wanted her to have the wedding of her dreams. I had the privilege of planning the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Here are a few of the steps I followed for these 2 very special occasions:

  • DECOR: This has to be one of the top essential items on the prep list. It is crucial to pick a color scheme! It can align with the bride’s wedding colors, or can be in a completely different spectrum. Julia’s wedding colors were burgundy and gold, so for the bridal shower, I envisioned a similar theme. The bachelorette party, on the other hand, was filled with more “fun” colors, like pink and red. As for decorations, I set a budget of $40 per bridesmaid. This amount accounted for 2 items ordered per girl- 1 item for the bridal shower and the other for the bachelorette party. I made Amazon wish lists filled with items the bridesmaids could choose and order from, which definitely made it more convenient and cheaper. Here is some of the decor we ordered!


  • LOCATION: The next step is finding the most ideal places to plan your celebrations. The bridal shower can be held at someone’s house, a banquet hall, or even outdoors! We hosted Julia’s shower at a small country farmhouse in northern Illinois. This is definitely individualistic, as is the location of a bachelorette party. For our group, we originally planned to fly to Florida for a weekend getaway, but we wanted to play it safe and decided to drive to Julia’s Wisconsin lake house. Sometimes, it can be a nice surprise to pick places without the bride’s knowledge!
  • PARTY AGENDA: I live by my planner, which means I never leave home without it! Before each of these events, I wrote out a schedule- simple guidelines to follow to make sure everything goes smoothly. For the bridal shower, this included a list of “tasks” I wanted to get done before and during the party, such as decorating, playing bridal games, opening her presents, and even making sure there was time for pictures and mingling between all the guests! As for the bachelorette weekend, this is definitely dependent on wherever your group is going and what there is to do in that city. Our weekend was on the calmer side, so it included many touristy downtown adventures and delicious food!
  • ACTIVITIES: It is important to plan the weekends around hobbies and spots the bride enjoys-from restaurants, bars, and anything in between! Our bridal group did a wine & art class, which was super fun, “covid-friendly,” and hosted in a small group. According to whatever your soon-to-be bride loves to do in her spare time, you can pick accordingly and make reservations ahead of time.



“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.”

-Carrie Bradshaw

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