I wanted to make a blog post to introduce myself! I hope this allows readers to learn more about me 🙂 Please leave any questions or comments below!

  • I have three older brothers. I am the only girl in the family, so I really grew up with three extra dads.
  • I HATED avocados growing up. Now, they have become one of my favorite foods!
  • I love to write, edit essays, or anything English-related. If you ever need someone to double check that paper, I am your go-to gal 😉
  • Growing up, I was a competitive rhythmic gymnast and competed for Team USA. I traveled often and dedicated most of my childhood towards this sport.
  • In Junior High, my science fair project won “Best in Category” at the Regional State Fair. I also took first place in the IL State Finals.
  • I have never pulled an all-nighter! I am definitely an early bird, so I prefer to wake up to finish something, rather than to stay awake for the majority of the night.
  • I have held a baby tiger. This was always on my bucket list and it came true a few years ago…thanks to my cousin ❤
  • I am a vegetarian. I will eat all the veggies and fruits…besides grapefruit. I HATE it!
  • I am fluent in Polish.
  • My first pet was an Amazon Green Parrot named Brenda. She spoke two languages and was supposed to outlive us all. Unfortunately, she passed away while I was in college 😦

“Imagine the best version of yourself and show up everyday as her.”

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