Twenty years later…Mom Jeans are still trendy and fashionable! This past week, I finally found my very first pair of these perfect-fit jeans. The hype for these has been off the charts recently, and now, I can second that motion full-heartedly.

What makes these jeans so special? Mom Jeans feature a high waist and long zipper. The leg portion of the denim offers a “baggy” look, which makes the fit much more comfortable and easier to wear. I paired mine with a leather jacket and long sleeve shirt for a more casual look. This aesthetic can also be styled in countless ways, giving one so many possibilities to pair the jeans with blazers, jackets, or even blouses and t-shirts.

It was no simple task finding Mom Jeans that fit well, but were also a trendy color, style, and made from good-quality material. The ones I am wearing above were purchased at American Eagle. This denim comes with a comfort stretch waistband, some “rebellious” rips, and is currently on sale for less than $50!

Whether you have a lunch date with a friend or need an everyday work-from-home outfit, these jeans NEED to be your next purchase. I styled mine with a leather jacket, sneakers, and a cropped long-sleeve. The light blue wash of the jeans also brought out a warm and summery feel, since these can be worn in the summertime, too.

The next time you need a cute fit for a stroll through the city or even a girls night out, make sure to give this jean style a try. This trend did not disappoint decades ago… and it definitely does not now!


“True girlfriends are like diamonds: Bright, Valuable, and Always in Style.”

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