February is right around the corner! So… who will be your 2022 Valentine? 😉 With everyone’s ‘favorite’ holiday coming up, I decided to try making my very first gift guide! Gifts guides always seem to make the gift giving process much easier, so I put together three in particular: for a girlfriend, for a boyfriend,Continue reading “VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDES”


Twenty years later…Mom Jeans are still trendy and fashionable! This past week, I finally found my very first pair of these perfect-fit jeans. The hype for these has been off the charts recently, and now, I can second that motion full-heartedly. What makes these jeans so special? Mom Jeans feature a high waist and longContinue reading “MUST-HAVE JEANS IN 2021”


Zara is one of my favorite go-to stores! Not only does it have the cutest and trendiest items, but you can create such unique and chic looks for any style or occasion. This past week, I picked up two new items in their collection. The first piece was this plaided and “textured weave jumpsuit.” IContinue reading “ZARA SEASON FAVORITES”